4 methods: How to wear shoes without harming your feet.

Due to pain in their legs, ankles, heels, and soles, most women find it challenging to wear heels to the workplace, parties, and special occasions. Nevertheless, heels go well with a variety of attire. Here are some tips for wearing shoes without getting hurt:

1. Determine your correct shoe size

It is preferable to wear heels that are your size rather than undersized or oversized heels because you will be more comfortable. Imagine being in a public gathering with oversized heels; your movement will be restricted because you can’t move freely due to the fear of your shoes pulling out.

Wear Heels Without Pain

You would be most comfortable and able to move freely if you wore the correct size of heels.
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2. Determine your foot type

This needs to be taken seriously. It is critical to understand your foot type, as well as the length and width of your feet, in order to purchase heels that fit perfectly and avoid shoes that cause discomfort.

Wear Heels Without Pain

3. Thick-soled heels are preferable

Everyone is not the same; you know what makes you feel at ease or uneasy. Ladies should avoid thin soles to avoid unnecessary discomfort, and platform heels are recommended. Some ladies do not know how to walk in heels with thin soles and may injure themselves; instead, choose heels with thicker soles.

Wear Heels Without Pain

4. Take breaks and stretch

Take breaks from time to time to try to relax your feet. While at work, bring slippers to wear when you aren’t doing anything that requires you to move. This will help ease your feet and relieve you.

Wear Heels Without Pain

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Written by Izuchukwu E.N

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