Are Paid Google Reviews Valuable?

To solve the genuine issues, the digital world needs digital solutions rather than traditional ones. Google has actually eased and sped up every aspect of human life. The day when operating real enterprises was the sole way to make large quantities of money is long past. Online businesses are more popular in this digital age than traditional enterprises since they are much simpler to run and grow over time.

Credibility is one of the foremost factors in the progress of a business, whether a physical or online business. If you have built trust, you can potentially excel in that field. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are operating physically or digitally. Each type of entity has its own website that contains real-time reviews and an online presence. In the modern world, they are known as google reviews that help to realise the decision one makes for purchase.

Google reviews show the business’s credibility and satisfy the upcoming customer about his decision for a particular service. Therefore, this article will cover all necessary aspects of having google reviews on the site to make you feel comfortable if you are a new organization or already own it. So, without any further ado. Let’s get straight into this.

Why do we call it ‘’Google Reviews”?

Well, it’s a service that comes from google and it is one of the best ways to promote your brand or website online. This service allows the users to write and read reviews related to a service and businesses to gather the reviews and show them on the website for visitors to display the relevancy and credibility in a particular industry. This is why they called google reviews.

What is the purpose of google reviews?

Google reviews system is a powerful tool that helps businesses to stand out by providing real-time user experiences and useful information to new visitors. These reviews are shown generally on your google business profile, map profile and local search as well. When a person buy google reviews service, a customer doesn’t need a g-mail address to write a review for a service. They can straightaway write thoughts on the business profile of the entity.

Do people care about google reviews?

Yes! People do care about google reviews as 90% of the customers search for a product they want to buy in advance to lessen the risk factor. Since a single product has multiple types of build qualities by different providers. So, it gets important to do some research about a product that you want to buy before actually buying it. So, the answer is yes! Almost every person does some research on different search engines before buying something. To be honest, this is a sensible way of buying anything in daily life by having full insight into it.

How much money is needed to buy fake reviews?

Many websites that offer such services often have different charges for a number of reviews for a single category. But in general, the price stays somewhere 0.10$ to 013$ for a certain amount of views. The price also varies for having a star rating. All in all, these types of activities are a bit suspicious and you need to avoid them.

Is it legal to buy google reviews?

Yes! If you buy fake google reviews and display them on your business online, there could be legal action against you for being a part of this activity. As per the FTC’s official statement, paying people for google reviews without revealing the payment process can get you in trouble. In case google detects that they will remove all the fake reviews, restrict your SEO traffic and may fine you up to a certain amount. That’s why you need to be very careful in this process.

Advantages of having google reviews.

These are the advantages of having official reviews on your site which help you in the following ways.

  • Optimizes the SEO ranking: Nowadays, SEO ranking is one of the most powerful strategies to implement online for better optimization and tons of traffic which ultimately helps the business to generate more revenues. To reach that point, you’ll need to have an active online presence on all platforms. When you will be all around on google, utilizing all of its platforms. It’s more likely that you will be more visible on the internet and google will encourage your organization as an authority and show you in direct search results. So, whenever someone searches for a service related to your business, due to having better SEO you will be on the top which will help you exceptionally.
  • Trust development: Many of you who are the business owner will second to this, a brand with more reviews and online presence gets more recognition and gets successful in building trust among customers. Businesses mainly rely on trust. Since when a customer doesn’t trust why will he come to you for a purchase? He won’t. He will always go to that shop where he gets entertained well and gets a quality product for a reasonable price. Now google reviews help in a way, that when people leave reviews on your business profile. Those reviews are shown up on your main page with a star rating which is again a plus. When a new customer sees that main page along with good, reliable reviews. That lessens his worry, so he thinks about your business for purchasing. Remember, all gets done with previous reviews. This is why maintaining the trust bond with customers is essential and you can easily do that with google reviews. Go on and try it out.
  • Helping people with their purchase decisions: As earlier mentioned, 90% of the customers research and like to read the reviews related to a product before buying it. There is a way you can help them to make them feel confident about their purchase decisions. For instance, you own a business related to the hotel industry. So, whenever somebody searches for the best hotels in the city near me. There are chances that your business will be shown in the search results and having the review section on the main page will help them to feel confident.


As all the necessary aspects of google reviews are covered in this article. Google reviews play a vital role in the development of a business. But buying fake reviews might get in you in trouble if google spot that. You may get fined, and your SEO website traffic also suffers from that. Always try to violate such regulations.

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