Movie Adaptation or Book – Which of the two should come first?

Movie adaptations have seen an increase over the last couple of decades, and if you are an
avid reader and an equal movie enthusiast, it could spell delight or cause you lots of dread. So,
which one should come first?

As technology continues to advance, movie creators have been able to create works that were
deemed impossible in the past. For many years, superior graphics in motion pictures were very
difficult to pull off. On the other hand, more and more writers are coming up with fictional works
that are extremely descriptive, and that make excellent sources for movie scripts. For this
reason, more and more books are being adapted into screenplays.

So, what happens when youlike to read and also watch movies?

Should you watch a movie adaptation then read the book orvice versa?

If you want to see the complete story and understand its intricacies, it is best
that you start by reading the book. Books tend to be more descriptive, and they allow you to
develop a better understanding of the story.

Below are reasons why it is better to start with the book then watch its movie adaptation later.

Why you should read a book before watching its movie adaptation

  1. You get to understand the back story

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When writing books, authors have loads of time and freedom to include as many details as they

By reading the book first, you get the opportunity to understand the entire story in its
fullness. Sine movies are only limited to a certain timeframe, parts of the story have to be
omitted to make sure the whole story fits the allocated time.

It is, then, no surprise that many movie adaptations fail to express the fullness of a book, especially where the story takes many twists and turns, and where there are many undertones.

  1. Readers develop an inner monologueReading. books first allows you the capacity to create your own inner monologue which in turn
    influences your emotions and eventual connection to the story. When you watch the movie aft
    reading the book from which it is borrowed, you shall have already developed an emotional
    opinion of it, allowing you to connect to the visual depiction of the same. Starting with the movie
    first, however, denies you the capacity to develop your own inner monologue. Usually, it has
    been written through someone else’s understanding of the book, and your emotional opinion
    has already been decided.
  2. You get to know and understand all the characters first
    When you read a book before watching its movie adaptation, you get to meet all the characters
    and study them in detail. This way, when you watch the movie adaptation later, it feels like you
    are meeting characters you are already familiar with, especially because you had already

connected with them. The movie only becomes a bonus because it brings these characters to

  1. The movie will almost always be available after production

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One of the most interesting, and perhaps unfortunate, aspects about books is that you are not
guaranteed that they will always be available. Books sometimes go out of print due to
unprecedented reasons. For this reason, it is important that you read the book first then watch
its adaptation later. You can always download the movie adaptation later through various sites
such as The Pirate Bay that upload movies and make them available for people whenever they
want them.

  1. There is a lot more suspense
    Unlike movies, stories in books unfold very slowly, and this way, you develop deeper suspense
    as you go. Depending on how fast you read a book, it could take you anything from days to a
    couple of months to complete a story. Movies give you an entire storyline in under 3 hours, and
    this denies you the opportunity to develop a deep sense of suspense


If you are the kind of reader that likes to get into the depth of a book and discover all the
intricate details about it, it is best to start with the story first before watching the movie
adaptation. Otherwise, you stand to lose loads of information by watching the movie fast as
opposed to reading the book first.

Written by Izuchukwu E.N

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