Why do males find larger buttocks attractive in women?

Why do males find larger buttocks attractive in women?

Regarding every single women out there, every male will have a distinct opinion, and vice versa. In my experience, men typically favor a girl with a huge butt.

I know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE a girl that has an amazing nice sexy big round wonderful fat tight plump juicy perfect beautiful bubble butt booty.

If I’m being completely honest I’m completely obsessed with the female ass. I’m respectful so I don’t ever say anything. But I look, wish, and dream every single day.

Along with 98% of all other men. U women truly do not have even the slightest clue as to how much power u really have over us men. If only u all knew the full extent of it. LOL

Imma save the genetic talk for the scientists. Here’s a practical mind.

It’s not always bigger, it’s more about firmness and voluptuousness. I’ve seen smaller butts that were hotter.

Basically, men have penises, and in the age gap of 14 – 26 we essentially stay horny. When we look at booty, it feels good down there. The more it bounces and claps, the hornier we get. Bigger butts have a better likelihood for bounce.

Bounce = Horny

Jiggle = Horny

But don’t get fooled! There is a limit. If a butt is too big it can be a turnoff. I’ve seen some things at Walmart.

Fake butts
Butts with love handles
Saggy Butts
Wide and flat
None of that works

It’s all about having a normal or fit one. Normal just means you don’t sit down all day and eat. You still walk around so you have some kinda shape. Anything else is wack.

Butt actually, we don’t find women more attractive just because of their booty.

I’m not even being a liberal spokeman trying to make women feel better. I’m serious. There’s even a thing where dudes ask how come the ugliest girls have the best butts. Truth be told, it’s just lust. It’s nothing more than that which is why people who sleep around have one night stands.

Our penises find their butts attractive. Our minds cut off. Lust takes over. It’s like that.

What do you think?

Written by Izuchukwu E.N

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