Woman claims she was abducted by aliens while she was sleeping, and she later awoke in strange locations with bruises.

Woman claims she was abducted by aliens while she was sleeping, and she later awoke in strange locations with bruises.

A woman claimed that she had been regularly kidnapped by aliens while she slept and that they had left “strange bruises and punctures” on her flesh.
Maria Leiva, 51, stated that she was abducted by aliens and that the experience left her with scars and bruises on her body. She asserted that the encounters began when she was around four years old.
“I shall then be able to interact with them through my dreams and find out when they are coming to visit. They’ll leave me with strange body injuries “The Daily Star reported what she said.

She said, “I would wake up with marks on my body – bruises, finger marks, punctures in my skin and cuts as well – and this is how I’d know something had happened in the night.”
She continued, “I am sometimes woken up by telepathic communications between the hours of two and four in the morning, being told to wake up and go to the window as something is out there. In the past two weeks, I have seen two flying objects, up to three times in one night.”
Maria said that the aliens often leave her in strange places – and once she had to get a taxi to go back home.

She added, “One night I was taken in my sleep and I woke up in a completely different place quite far away. I had to get a taxi home and I didn’t even have my house keys so I had to knock on the door. My dad answered and he was so puzzled as to what had happened.”
Maria further claimed that her daughter also has these experiences. She said that her daughter saw her first UFO when she was on her way to school at the age of 10 and has seen several UFOs since then.
The 51-year-old also claimed to have seen aliens. “I saw them in Barcelona when I was living there in the mountains. One day when I was washing the dishes, I saw what I can only say was a translucent watery type figure by a tree. I have also seen beings who look like humans. They are a little taller and have larger almond-shaped eyes.”

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