“I miss you so much,” As he exposes a video of actress Empress Njamah’s n***, her ex-fiance makes a confession.

Josh Wade, the actress Empress Njamah’s former fiancé, has started following through on his threats as he publishes her nude films.

According to report making rounds, Josh has created a WhatsApp group where he added multiple people and began posting private videos of Empress.

The estranged fiance posted several videos he took of her in her house, some of which were videos of her taking a bath.

In one of the videos making rounds, Josh Wade confessed that he misses the actress and his a bit confused. He also warned the embattled actress to stop spreading false rumours of him being unable to travel.

“I am just confused. I swear to God I just miss you. Seriously, I just miss you. That’s the real truth, that’s no joke. But please, stop telling people that I can’t travel. Don’t do that, I beg you please”.

Empress Njamah’s fiance threatens her

This is coming after Josh threatened Empress with the information he had about her.

In a video posted online by Empress, the fiance revealed that he knew her day to day activities and everything she does on a daily basis.

Smiling mischievously, he told the entrepreneur that she doesn’t know what is coming.

Sharing the video on her business page, Empress revealed that he had sent her the video, just hours after uploading the engagement video.

“You actually don’t know what’s coming trust me. I swear to God, you don’t know what’s coming”.

He further said,

“Everything I said to you, I think you consider it as a joke. But trust me it’s not.

I know your day to day activities and everything you do on a daily basis. I know absolute everything.

Thank you”.

Empress Njamah’s fiance tells his side of the story

In an exclusive interview with the Linda Ikeji blog, Empress Njamah’s fiancé admitted to beating the actress and taking her passport, according to The Site News. However, he claimed that the actress owed him $450,000 and that is why he took this action.

He revealed that he engaged Empress on the 18th of August, with a ring worth $49,800. But things turned sour, as the loverbirds are currently on dispute, hence, the several allegations.

He also confirmed that he took control over her Instagram accounts, passports and all other belongings.

Josh claimed that the actress ran from their house and went to her brother, Aquila Njamah’s house. Josh further claimed that the actress and her brother were used to scamming men and thought they could scam him because he isn’t a Nigerian.

Threatening to go public, Josh, stated that the stories he has about her, her like a series.

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