I will tie wrapper to please you hypocrites next time i go to the pool – Belinda Effah defends Meagan Good

Belinda Effah lashed out at people she described as ‘hypocrites’ in defence of Meagan Good, after her Instagram exchange with some followers over ‘wearing a bikini even though she is preacher’s wife’. 

LIB reported earlier that the American actress served an epic reponse to the criticism she faced from some followers after she shared her bikini photo on Instagram. 

Reacting to the Instagram exchange, Belinda Effah backed Meagan’s response which she said was neccesary because people are judgemental and expect you to live by certain rules due to some cliches. 

The Nollywood actress stated that salvation is a personal race and the church shouldn’t be a judgement ground but a place of fellowship and to strengthen one’s faith. Belinda also sarcastically told critics dictating what a “Christian” woman should wear, that she will be tying a wrapper to the pool next time she turns up for a swim. 

She wrote; 

Thank You @meagangood For This Epic Response Because People Are so Judgmental and Expect You To Live By A Certain Set Of Rule Due To Some Cliches Like :

#You Are Born again You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol
#You Are A Child Of God You Shouldn’t Wear Makeup 
#You Are a Child Of God you shouldn’t wear trouser 
#You are Born again you shouldn’t post your bikini pictures etc
#You are Born again you shouldn’t wear wigs and artificial hair , nails , etc .
– Is The Idea Of Being Born Again Is To Look Sad and Sober? If That’s it’s Everyone Of Us Has Defaulted One Way Or The Other .

If I do all these outward things to please you yet my heart is desperately evil how does that make me a Child Of God ? .
So If I do most things right and I default in one way does that make me a sinner? .
I always tell everyone that cares to listen – Salvation is a Personal race between you and your God . No one is Perfect But God (Jesus)
The Church Is there as a Guide, Fellowship together so you can strengthens your faith, the church is not a judgement ground, the Pastor is not Holier Than you. . .
You have the Bible as The ultimate Guide – Rest On The Bible day and night and you will have direction and guidance . .
I am not a hypocrite and I am not a person pleaser. I am not perfect but I Desire Happiness. If my pursuit for happiness does not meet your terms – I am sorry you will have to find a way to find your happiness. .
I am not going to struggle to look right meanwhile I am suffering inside . .
You Only Live Once – It’s Your Heart God Wants Not Your Hypocritical Self. Live and Let’s Live
PS : Next Time I go to the pool I will tie wrapper and swim because the people there will see me when I come out of the pool. This is me trying to please the hypocrites 
Peace . Love and Light 

Next time I go to the pool I will tie wrapper to please you hypocrites - Belinda Effah says as she defends Meagan Good

Belinda Effah also dropped a rejoinder comment after a follower alleged that she has a myopic understanding of the scriptures. The follower had written; 

Your myopic understanding of the scriptures can not change the standard of God…read your bible sis

The actress however wrote in response; 

 I am entitled to my opinion, likewise. The Bible didn’t say I should tie wrapper to the pool. So if I can tie wrapper to the pool why can’t I post it. You should rather reason properly. Whatever I can do in secret I should do it in public otherwise I am a hypocrite. Are you now saying going to the pool is wrong? If I wear a bikini to church that is wrong. But if you condemn me for wearing bikini in the pool my brother you are the major problem.

If I can wear bikini to the pool why can’t I post it? So just so I don’t get condemned by hypocrites? You know people around the pool will still see me when I wear bikini. So what’s your argument really? There is a dress code for every occasion . Bikini for pool . So posting bikini pictures is wrong? I need to know .

Next time I go to the pool I will tie wrapper to please you hypocrites - Belinda Effah says as she defends Meagan Good
Next time I go to the pool I will tie wrapper to please you hypocrites - Belinda Effah says as she defends Meagan Good

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