Again, Lagos Pastor,LASEPA official, others employ service of Police to take over the residential building of a 73 year old widow– Civil Group

Again, Lagos Pastor,LASEPA official,Others employ service of Police
to take over the residential building of a 73 year old widow—Civil Group
…Calls for outright dismissal of Police Officers involved

A civil rights group, Save Lagos Group (SLG) has uncovered another plan by
an official of Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) called
Tunji in connivance with an acclaimed cleric, Pastor Alabi with phone
number:-08028915916 and one Politician in Agege called Chief Oshodi with
phone number:-07037436950, by employing the service of four Police
Officers from the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID),Panti in
their bid to take over a residential building belonging to 73 year old
widow, Alhaja Ayisatu Alasela of N0 8, Bakare Opesha Street,Papa
Shafa, Agege in the
State illegally.

The Police officers being employed in their said bid were;DCP, Woman
Officer Yetunde, Ola Adefarasin with phone number:-09091221315, and Reuben
with Phone number:-07014257498 and,this resulted to unprofessional
invitation letter to the human rights activist that blocked them(Tunji,
Alabi and Oshodi from carrying out there nefarious action against 73 year
old Alhaja Ayisatu Alasela on her husband residential building.

It was duty of Police Officers to discover the fraudulent activity in
respect of the residential building in question by those who reported to
them that when you were officially sent to “number two and then what are
you doing in number four if you do not have hidden agenda on the building”

The three of those who reported to Police (CID) were out to mislead
and misinform the public about hullabaloo surrounding the illegal
acquisition of the building.

It would be recalled that Alhaja Alasela was a widow of Late Alhaji
Alasela who died thirteen
(13) years ago on the 2nd of April, 2007 and left the residential
building for her(Alhaja) and her children and they have been living in the
building before the death of their Patriarch and also, Pastor Alabi,
was a Pastor in-charge of Christ Apostolic Church situated at N0 5,
Hassan Adejobi Street,Papa Ashafa,off Mulro Bus stop, along Oyewole Road
and Seriki.

According to the Petition Letter dated Monday 3rd August,2020 and signed by
SLG’s Convener, Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman and copies were made available to
newsmen on Friday and the letter was forwarded to IGP,PSC, Nigeria Police
Council (NPC), National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and Lagos State
Commissioner of Police for necessary action.

The Petition rhetorically queries why the Police officers inviting the
Complainants at the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) for
questioning for foiling an attempt take over a residential building of
another person illegally and it means Nigeria has become something else.

The Save Lagos Group (SLG), however called for the outright dismissal of
all the officers involved in this illegal duty, instead to tell the self
acclaimed Pastor and his cohorts to tender unreserved apology to the 73 year
old widow for illegally invading her house and instead,they employed the
service of Policemen at CID Panti which reflected in their letter of

The investigation, which Police expected to be guided with, that the Pastor
Alabi’s Church situated at N0 5, Hassan
Adejobi Street, has been violating the lock-down order of the Federal and
State government in the area and people of the area, have been seriously
complaining about the noise of the Church.

It was revealed that on the 15th day of June, 2020, an officials of LASEPA
led by one Tunji, illegally invaded the elderly widow’s house, with the aim
of causing panic for the old woman and her tenants so that they would
abandon the house by saying that the State government had directed the
agency to seal the house in question for violating the government lock-down

Tunji was acting the script of Pastor Alabi and Chief Oshodi by
trickishly lead the other officials of LASEPA to the widow’s house
for their illegal duty where generator of a tenant was carted away and part
of the house were vandalized, believing that if they sent the helpless
woman out of the house, they would claim that the government has seized the
residential building and also claimed later that government was planning to
auction the building and Pastor Alabi with Chief Oshodi will bid for the
building and win,so,the building will be used for their own personal Church.

But investigation conducted by the SLG revealed that the management of
LASEPA did not know anything about the action of Tunji against the elderly
widow because the purported agency letter was not directed to Alasela house.

The LASEPA Letter dated 15th of June, 2020 with reference number:
EPA/LAS/1650 and signed by unknown person stated that “the agency ordered
the closure of N05, Hassan Adejobi Street, Papa Ashafa, off Mulro Bus stop
along Oyewole Road and Seriki for noise pollution and non-compliance with
the Government directives.

“The ordered therefore directed that the occupant ceases forthwith to
operate at the site and the site remains closed until its compliance status
is satisfactory”

The illegal invasion of the house by Tunji of LASEPA was reported to the
Alabo Divisional Police station on 16th day of June, 2020 and the matter was
assigned for immediate action to a Woman Police called “Iyah nkem” with
phone number:-08131338007, but the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) who
was in-charge of the matter refused to act for fear of Chief Oshodi who
claimed to be a politician.

Sulaiman, therefore, called for an independent investigation into the
matter from the Lagos State government through the State Ministry of
Environment and Sanitation and authority of LASEPA through its Director
General, saying that the action of Tunji on behalf of LASEPA as cause
psychological and mental trauma to the aged widow.


(Revolutionary Alfa),
Convener, Save Lagos Group(SLG),

Note Sirs/Ma

For confirmation of the story

Mr. Ganiyu Alasela-08091543202
Mr. Jamiu Alasela-08073666318

LASEPA official Phone number -07046351295 / 08150458639 /08150458638

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