Osun LG official in impersonation scandal over Alawo Stool as Awo Crown Prince alleges …….Calls for thorough,credible investigation by Police, others

A Crown Prince of Awo, Prince Abubakar Adeniyi has dragged an official
of Osun State Local Government Service Commission,one Mr. Oloyede
Babatunde Sikiru before the security agents and other concern
authorities in the land, for an alleged criminal impersonation over an
Alawo Stool, calling for thorough and credible investigation of the
allegation against Oloyede(08068783684).

Oloyede who is working with the State Local Government Service
Commission as an Internal Auditor attached to Isokan South Local
Council Development Area in Ikoyi in the State, explaning that Oloyede
has brought confusion into the process of selecting new monarch for
the ancient town by illegally obtaining the Expression of Interest
Form with N0:000000125 and claimed through written in the form that
“I, Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru hailed from Abioye Compound/Ruling House
with attachment of Certificate of Origin, claiming that Oloyede hailed
from Jogunade’s Compound).

Awo, the headquarters of Egbedore Local Government Area of Osun
State,has been engulfed in the crisis of selecting new monarch since
2020 where one Taiwo Adegboye of Abioye Ruling House had earlier
forged all the documents with intent to make Governor Isiaka
Adegboyega Oyetola led State Government believed to be true and crown
him (Taiwo) as monarch with his prepared forged documents, adding that
Taiwo also nominated his brother(Hassan Adeyemi Ore) and
sister(Memunat Oladepo) as Warrant Chiefs which the ritual efforts of
Ore lead to his untimely death recently.

This criminal allegation was contained in the Petition Letter dated
23rd day of June,2021, written by the human rights organization, the
Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) on behalf of Awo
Crown Prince, Abubakar Adeniyi(07069330499) as Complainant with the
support of 17 Paragraphs Sworn Affidavit of Affirmation to prove the
allegation beyond reasonable doubt and signed by the group’s Assistant
General Secretary (AGS), Pastor Michael Agaasi.

According to the Paragraph six(6), seven(7) and eight (8) respectively
of the Sworn Affidavit of Affirmation on Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru that
” That I am aware of 1957 and 1978 Chieftaincy Declaration in respect
of Alawo of Awo Stool,not including Jogunade’s Compound as one of the
Ruling Houses as only four (4) Ruling Houses in order of rotation
contained in the 1978 Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration as follows:
Awojobi, Akinsilo, Abioye and Okunji Ruling Houses.

“That I am aware that only Abioye Compound/Ruling House is the next
Ruling House to produce the Crown Prince to fill the vacant stool of
Alawo in accordance with the order of rotation as stipulated in 1978
Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration,after the reign and death of Oba
Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo from Akinsilo Ruling House on Wednesday 24th
of June,2020, which made the stool to be vacant presently.

“That I am aware 1978 Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration had reached
‘STATUTE BARRED’ as contained in LAW of TORT because 1978 Alawo of Awo
Chieftaincy Declaration was in forty-one (41) years of existence after
the reign and death of Oba Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo from Akinsilo
Compound/Ruling House on June 24,2020″.

The Petition Letter was written to Inspector General of Police (IGP),
Assistant Inspector General of Police in Charge of Zone XI, Osogbo and
Osun State Commissioner of Police and other authourity concerned
including; Governor Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola,the State Deputy
Governor, Local Government Service Commission, Caretaker Chairman of
Egbedore Local Government Area, Awo and host of others and the copies
were made available to newsmen on Mondday, demanding for proper,
thorough and credible investigation of the alleged criminal
impersonation leveled against Oloyede, for possible prosecution by the

Part of the Letter read thus; “Meanwhile,Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru’s
action brought confusion to the selection process by illegally
claimed to hail from Abioye Compound/ Ruling House Compound, Awo and
whereas with all available records, Oloyede hailed from Jogunade’s
Compound, Awo which is not known to any existing Alawo of Awo
Chieftaincy Declaration,be it outdated 1957 Awo Chieftaincy
Declaration or existing 1978 Awo Chieftaincy Declaration.

“But, to our dismay, Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru obtained the Expression
of Interest Form by claiming through writing to hail from Abioye
Ruling House in the said form with NO: 000000125, in contrary to
Oloyede’s Certificate of Origin dated 16th day of February,2004 which
was issued by Egbedore Local Government Area of Osun State, confirming
that Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru hailed from Jogunade’s Compound,Awo.

“As a respecter of rule of law,it is our believe that any law abiding
citizen of Nigeria, would allow a pronouncement of the Court of
competent jurisdiction or Osun State Commission of Equiry in respect
of Alawo Chieftaincy matter to pronounce otherwise after the 41 years
of the existing 1978 Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration because the
action of putting cat before horse is not allowed in the face of the
law as it is a criminal in nature.It is prejudice to claim by writing
or any form what the Court of Law, is yet to make any pronouncement on
it and this is tantamount to breach of public peace and contemptious
in nature.

“CHRSJ wants the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) under your able watch to
investigate this allegation levled against Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru by
writing the Council Manager, Egbedore Local Government Area,Awo, to
furnish the investigation team of this matter with Oloyede Babatunde’s
Letter of Appointment: Establishment employee and 2 years probation
Appointment Letter and his acceptance letter to employment offer of
one Mr. Oloyede Babatunde of Jogunade’s Compound, Awo, Osun State,
dated 24th day of September,2001 with reference NO:ELG PP/326/07,
which was signed by Chief S. O. Fadara(JP) , the Director of Personnel
Management for the Chairman of Egbedore Local Government Area, Awo,as
he then was and his LOCAL GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION used for the said
Offer of employment in 2001 and letter with Ref NO: ELG.PP/1326/04 and
ELG.PP/1326/24 bearing the name of Oloyede O. Sikiru,as contained in
the Letter of APPLICATION FOR CERTIFY TRUE COPY dated 17th June,2021
and signed by Barrister Lekan Alabi,a Senior Legal Counsel in the
Chambers of Alabi &Egbetunde &Co,to proof our allegation against
Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru beyond reasonable doubt in any Court of
competent jurisdiction.

“In view of the above analysis, we want to believe that Oloyede’s act
of impersonation with intent to commit fraud, is punishable offence
under sections 109,249(d),428(d), 484,516 & 599 of the Criminal Code
cap 34, Vol II law of Osun State 2002″.

It added that “Upon all the evidences attached to this Petition Letter
to prove our matter beyond reasonable doubt,we want to intimate the
authourity of Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to write a letter of
invitation to invite Mr.Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru to Coordinating
Director in lieu of Permanent Secretary as obtained presently in Osun
State Local Government Service Commission,Abeere, Osogbo, because
Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru is a Senior staff of the Commission.

“It is duty-bound on us as a reputable human rights organization to
cripple the growing wing of criminality in any form in our society”.

It then urged the Nigeria Police authority to set up an unbiased
Investigation team to bring Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru to justice if
truly committed the alleged criminal offence, saying that law is no
respecter of anybody.

Written by Izuchukwu E.N

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