Beji emergence, APC lies exposed as hired lawyer failed their moles in PDP.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) Niger state has entered panic mode since the emergence of Bar. Tanko Beji as People’s Democratic Party Chairman for Niger State.

The APC made massive investment into making sure that their worst nightmare Bar. Tanko Beji must not emerge as opposition PDP state Chairman.

Ten days to the congress date, the APC in collaboration with moles in PDP hurriedly and crookishly bought and secured an Exparte order against a non-existing, so called caretaker committee to stop the Overseeing Zonal Chairman of the North Central, Mr. Dakas Shan from holding a caucus meeting which was duly summoned, unfortunately, Mr. Dakas Shan was neither served nor was there an existing caretaker that was joined. Their ill gotten Exparte expired 3 days to the PDP congress day of 8th August, 2021.

APC Desperately and shamelessly again just 24 hours to the PDP congress date, secured the services of a well known APC lawyer to assist their moles in PDP file another motion for a stoppage of the PDP Congress billed to hold the Saturday. That too failed, the names of every player good and bad will forever remain in the history books including that of the judicial officers.

Why is APC so jittery and panicked about PDP and Bar. Tanko Beji? Read this: Tanko Beji is a young, non compromising, well experienced and very competent party administrator, he led PDP to give APC a good run for it’s money since the PDP was crashed landed into the opposition by the actions of treacherous PDP members in 2015, that too is well documented. Beji gave the PDP a robust and transparent Primaries from the state Assembly primaries to the Gubernatorial primaries.

Beji never stopped there, he again led the Gubernatorial campaigns alongside other party elders, stakeholders and party faithfuls to the 274 wards of Niger state, first time in history, PDP won but was rigged, Beji then formed the PDP legal team led by Bar. Kudu Ndayako and took the case and many others to the tribunal up until Supreme Court, the judgment is still incomprehensible even to those who gave it and those who got, with over 6 weighty issues, each one of them well proven with evidence and facts clear even to the blind and a novice on the street, the APC spent sweat and blood, leaving a massive hole in the state’s finances just to subvert the wheel of Justice, they did it and are paying dearly for it.

APC has crashed Niger State, No single serious project, No programs and no funds for anything tangible and the people are deeply pauperized, with thousands of jobless youth , bad roads, Mis-governance everywhere and everyday, at some points workers were being paid in percentage. The APC itself is wobbling and tumbling and the people are ready to sack them in less than 20 months to come.

It didn’t stop their in the LGA elections which hitherto used to be a walkover for the ruling Party, PDP gave APC a bloody nose, defeating them in several wards and LGAS including the Governor’s ward in Kontagora, that was a quit notice rehearsal well served on APC, led by Bar. Tanko Beji.

This sack and rejection is their worst nightmare, they know with Beji as opposition PDP chairman, it is only a matter of days, their fate is sealed and only time is waiting to deliver it to them.

The only thing they do now is trying hard to put spanner in the works of PDP, thank God that too has been stopped with the election of independent, free minded and well organized state executive committee, like Beji said, “Government House, Minna is waiting for PDP” especially if you juxtaposition the legendary failures of the APC in the past 6 years against the superlative performance of PDP in the past, you will really long and salivate for an immediate “Change the change”

Yahaya Moh’d Usman,

Writes from Abuja,

Twitter: @boyemdee

Written by Izuchukwu E.N

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