‘This is shameful to us as a nation” – Dolapo Badmus reacts to FBI’s arrest of 77 Nigerians for fraud

Zone 2 Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus has reacted to the recent arrest of 77 Nigerians by the FBI for fraud related crimes.

According to Badmus, ‘this is indeed shameful to us as a nation and it calls for sober reflection. That 77 out of 80 suspects involved in a syndicated and organised crime of fraud described by FBI as the largest online fraud scheme in United state is indeed appalling! I’m still asking these questions;

1. What went wrong?
2. Why do our youth derailed from successful achievements to becoming fraudsters?
3. Why are fraudsters celebrated more than hard workers?
4. Why would youth defend illegality even at their own expense?
Why? Why? Why?

Have we paused to imagine the impact this massive discovery “will” or “may” have on our nation? Have we taught of how negatively this will affect our youth wanting to do legitimate business home and abroad? Have we paused to think about how this will rub off on us individually as Nigerians and collectively as a nation! Oh mine.

Well, to everyone engaging in fraudulent activities claiming they are taking back what the oyinbos took from their forefathers be rest assured you will rot within the four walls of the jail your forefathers help them built…and for parents and family members urging their loved ones to perpetrate fraud, be rest assured that you will cry over them! 

I want FBI and the whole world to know that those ones caught are not full representation of what Nigerian youth stands for! Nigeria youths are vibrant, hardworking and resilient! Please treat them (the suspects)as per their father’s house and family name….kindly give chance to the good and honest Nigerians. (Wait! Is that a woman I’m seeing amongst in cuffs?! Gosh!)

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